We have a friendly team of reliable and experience lawyers to serve our clients. We provide practical, accessible and cost-effective legal services suitable for private needs and to the needs of our business clients. We recognised that instructing a solicitor often comes at a difficult time when legal guidance is required. In considering this, our aim is to provide high quality legal advice and services with affordable fees - and we believe that our rates are competitive relatively to our caseworker’s experience.

Our Fee’s Structure:

  • Our fees are calculated/estimated on an hourly basis, depending on the complexity of the matter and the caseworker’s knowledge and expertise.
  • All fees are discussed and agreed in advance with clients.
  • Estimated fee agreed initially may increase depending on the complexity of the matter and length of time it takes to complete.
  • All fees quoted exclude disbursements and other expenses.

Our Commitments:

  • Value for money and competitiveness.
  • Transparent fee structure and agreed in advance.
  • No hidden extras cost.

Initial Consultation:

We encourage and offer our prospective client an initial consultation for 20-30 minutes for a fixed consultation fee to identify and understand the legal issues involved. This initial investigative consultation meeting is proved to be useful and effective because at this meeting, we will discuss briefly about the matter; documentary evidence; possible solutions and estimated costs and timescale to resolve the matter. Our consultation fees will depend on the nature of the matter and level of the knowledge, experience/expertise of the casework required.

Further clarification on our cost commitment to our client:

  1. In straight forward cases, we can offer a fixed fee.
  2. Our fees are primarily based on fee earner’s knowledge and expertise.
  3. In complex cases or when a fixed fee agreement is not possible, we charge on an hourly basis for our work.
  4. Our fixed fees only cover the cost of casework, and making the initial application or representation.
  5. Where an appeal or other forms of legal challenge against a decision becomes necessary, we will agree a separate fee before any work is undertaken in that respect.
  6. We will also inform you in advance if extra unforeseen or additional work becomes necessary - and where possible we will agree an amended fee with you.
  7. In general, our existing hourly rate is £200 but this is subject to individual cases and the complexity of the matter.
  8. Our firm’s Principal Solicitor (Grade A Solicitors) hourly rate is £250 per hour.
  9. Our estimated or fixed fees agreement only deal with office-based work and for our legal service.
  10. This fee does not include any Home Office fees, Immigration Health Surcharge and any other costs or disbursements.
  11. The costs for interpreter, translation fees and expert evidence, where required - are not included in the calculation of our fees.
  12. Travel costs for journeys away from London or where a long-distance travel is required to appear before a Court, Tribunal or any other department or authorities, are charged separately.
  13. Land Registry fee, Local Authority searches fees, Court fees and related expenses are not included.
  14. VAT will apply when we are obliged to charge VAT.

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