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We provide practical, accessible and cost-effective legal services suitable to the individual needs and to the needs of our business clients.

Family Law

Family law is about helping people who are facing difficult times which affect their family relationships. It usually involves issues of tensions between spouses (e.g. domestic violence, separation, divorce) and children (e.g. child protection orders, custody orders, access to children) and disputes in relation to property (e.g. who stays in the matrimonial home) and finance (e.g. child maintenance). Whatever side you are on and whatever your needs, we will ensure that you are advised of all the legal options available to you and to act swiftly to give effect to your instructions.

Immigration & Asylum

The UK immigration laws have been changing at a rapid pace in recent years. Immigration Rules and related guidance, which is required to meet entry into and/or to remain in the UK, has been evolving at a fast pace since the introduction of the Point Based System (PBS) in 2008 and with the Minimum Income requirements for family reunions in 2012. As a result, things often get very complicated; expensive and time consuming to fix. It is paramount, therefore, to obtain expert assistance to deal with your immigration matters.

We have specialist immigration lawyers that deal with all areas of immigration law - no matter how complicated the immigration problems are. These range from entry clearance and/or leave to remain application, citizenship, bail and detention matters, appeals before the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal or challenging the negative Home Office decision through to Judicial Reviews where necessary.

Our expert immigration practitioners have years of experience of dealing with all aspect of immigration law with high success rates. In our dealings we prioritise in allocating our resources, systematically evaluate and assess the need of each client with great care to maximise their chances of success. We take pride in our services and client satisfaction is at our forefront which results in new client referrals by existing clients and service users.

You can safely rely on our services for all your immigration needs.

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